The #alpine dairies trail: #trekking in search of genuine #flavours and pristine wild life around #Sauris

Dedicated to all mountain lovers who want to get away from city life and want to enjoy three days of walks in a spectacular scenery, with tasty food, wild nature all around and relax in the hotel’s wellness centre.



Day one

Arrive late afternoon in Sauris
Entrance to the hotel’s wellness centre
Dinner in local restaurant
Overnight at Riglarhaus Hotel or Albergo Diffuso in Sauris



Day two

Excursion with nature guide (scheduled excursion)
Lunch at one of the dairy farms (in low season, when the farms are still closed, we will provide a packed lunch)
Entrance to the hotel’s wellness centre
Dinner at leisure
Overnight at Riglarhaus Hotel or Albergo Diffuso in Sauris


Prati fioriti



Day three

Morning at leisure to enjoy another excursion, a visit to the artisan workshops and / or a tour of the ham factory with a delicious ham and beer tasting, before returning home


Sauris prosciutto



Clothing/Equipment: Wear high mountain hiking clothing: weather and temperatures can change with little notice.
Validity: May 23 to October 12, 2014 (excluding July 1 to August 31, 2014)

Package for minimum of 4 people



From                    To               Type of accommodation and meal plan    Nights Cost

01/09/2014        12/10/2014      Hotel 3*; BB+1xdinner+1xlunch                    2            165

01/09/2014        12/10/2014      Albergo Diffuso; BB+1xdinner+1xlunch        2            170

01/06/2014        30/06/2014      Hotel 3*; BB+1xdinner+1xlunch                    2            180

01/06/2014        30/06/2014      Albergo Diffuso; BB+1xdinner+1xlunch        2            185


The price per person includes:

Day one
Arrival and check-in
Relax in the hotel’s wellness centre
Dinner in local restaurant
Overnight at Riglarhaus Hotel or Albergo Diffuso in Sauris

Day two
Guided excursion in company of a nature guide
Lunch at one of the dairy farms (in low season, when the farms are still closed, we will provide a packed lunch)
Relax in the hotel’s wellness centre
Dinner at leisure
Overnight at Riglarhaus Hotel or Albergo Diffuso in Sauris

Day three

The price per person does not include:
Personal insurance (prices on request), Drinks at meals if not mentioned, Everything not mentioned


Info and Booking:



#Gourmet and culture: an itinerary to discover #Carnia and #Friuli Venezia Giulia

During your tour in the Northeastern corner of Italy, you will enjoy some true genuine hospitality and experience life in the less touristy areas, where the secrets of traditional cuisine and hand-craftsmanship are kept alive and passed on from one generation to the next.

You will be sleeping in a quaint village in Carnia, but from there you will travel every day to different areas of the region.

While food and wine feature centrally in the itinerary, your week in Carnia will be more than an Italian cooking courseit will be a hands-on cultural event!  Some of the best and most innovative chefs of the area will explain the principles of transforming simple local ingredients into great cuisine. Both they and the women of our villages will guide you in preparing traditional dishes based on local products.


wine expert will teach you the art of wine tasting and we will take you on a guided wine-tasting tour in the famous Collio region, where some of the best Italian white wines are made. You’ll have the chance to visit several local villages, see the traditional method of making cheese and smoking prosciutto (the traditional method for conserving food), go wild herbs or mushroom picking with experts (depending on the season and the weather conditions) and use these herbs, mushrooms and dairy products to make delicious but simple dishes you’ll be able to prepare at home for your loved ones.

Located in the north-eastern corner of Italy, bordering on Austria to the north and Slovenia to the east, the Alpine mountain community of Carnia is a little-known jewel of antique Roman origin. A predominantly agricultural society with extensive forests, this is a place where a proud heritage based on antique traditions and customs, skilled craftsmanship, attention to small detail, slow rhythms and warm hospitality have merged with periods of economic hardship and the need to make a living with locally available products. The result is a rich local culture, a solid community with an attention to quality and to innovation.

Forni_di_Sopra_malga_varmostHere nature dominates, with the majesty of mountain peaks, the broad expanses of well-maintained and productive forests, hidden treasures such as waterfalls and canyons, and a rich flora and fauna. The dramatic peaks of the Dolomites also rise above numerous small ancient villages with their narrow lanes, their houses in stone and wood and large stone courtyards.

The strictly seasonal cuisine uses genuine  local products which the mountain climate imbues with a special flavour. Developed over centuries, it has been jealously conserved in the mountains and valleys of Carnia, but it has also been renewed as new tastes and traditions have mingled with the old. Local wisdom in the hands of the people of Carnia is evident in the handicrafts, made of fabric, wood, iron or stone.

Groups are small (between 6 to 15 people), so that everyone gets a chance to try their hand at every technique, from making fresh gnocchi to lovingly stirring a wild mushroom risotto to perfection.

You will also have the chance to take mountain hikes, eat at local mountain refuges and gourmet restaurants alike. Local experts will explain the history, the architecture and archaeology of Carnia and will share their perspectives on this special place.

You’ll stay in well-appointed apartments of the “Albergo Diffuso di Comeglians” in Maranzanis and Povolaro, in the tastefully restored homes and barns of these little mountain villages. You’ll mingle with the locals and drink wine in the local “osterie”. In short, you’ll experience the culture of our territory.

“Entering our houses is like entering our history, our art and our culture. The quietness and the environment you can find here welcome you!”.

The poet Leonardo Zanier has reserved this welcome speech to the guests of Albergo Diffuso of Comeglians, in order to make everybody realize the purpose of this innovative touristic offer. The guest has at his/her disposal neither a simple room, nor a house. The aim of Albergo Diffuso is infact to let the traveller fully appreciate and experience the genuineness of this area, for him to enjoy the everyday’s life of the hamlet, and for him come in contact with the still unspoilt nature and traditions. Choosing to stay in an Albergo Diffuso, means having the opportunity to spend a holiday in the privacy of ones home, while enjoying hotel services.  The reception functions infact exactly like a concierge and here you receive the necessary help and information in order to spend at best your stay in the village.

Saturday Arrival in Italy

You arrive at Venice airport.

We pick you up at the airport, and bring you to the town of Comeglians where you will stay in the “Albergo Diffuso”, which means a hotel, spread out in the tastefully restored 18th and early 19th century homes of the two adjoining villages, Maranzanis and Povolaro.


These are charming self-contained apartments, managed by the Cooperative of the albergo diffuso. We’ll help you get settled in to your apartment where you’ll find a basket filled with local products for your enjoyment and tomorrow’s breakfast, prepared especially for you by the ladies of Maranzanis.

We’ll give you a map of the local area where you can take a walk or a short hike.  We can arrange transportation if you want to explore further.

6.00 pm

Join us for an informal presentation of the history and culture of the mountain community of Carnia with a local expert and a welcome aperitif at the restored antique osteria and conference room Casa Boter in Povolaro, where we have set up an exhibition of works of art by local artists.


Dinner in the ancient town of Pesariis at “Sot la Napa” housed in the exquisitely restored 17th century home, built on a 15th century foundation. The restaurant and agritourism is run by the Bruseschi family and uses only the organic products grown here.


Chef Eliana Bruseschi will introduce you to some of the local seasonal specialties such as mountain radicchio which grows wild at 1000 metres altitude and higher and is picked just as the snow begins to melt in the spring, or bleks, a hand made pasta of buckwheat flour.

Sunday  “Le Malghe” (from mid June to mid Sept)

        or “Wild Herbs or Mushrooms” (in Spring or Autumn)



Between mid June and mid September the cows, sheep and goats are transferred to the Alpine mountain pastures and cheese production begins, using traditional techniques and some modern equipment. These summer dairy farms are known as “malghe” and are at the centre of much of the productive life and traditions of the mountain community in the summer months. Many of these have been restored and sell their products directly or, in some cases, even prepare simple dishes.



10.00 am

Guided visit to Malga “Pozof”, on Mt Zoncolan, where a variety of cheeses and butter are produced and you can see the traditional method of smoking ricotta cheese (a fundamental pasta condiment in these parts) over the open circular fireplace, called a “fogolar”. Those who are a bit energetic can take an easy hike up to Monte Talm before we meet back at the Malga for lunch of simple traditional dishes and a sampling of their dairy products.



NOTE: If you travel in spring or autumn, when the Malghe are closed, the progamme includes a walking guided excursion with the wild herbs or mushroom expert and the return to Comeglians before lunch which will be at your leisure. The ingredients you will manage to pick during the excursion, will be used by our chef Lorena for tonight’s dinner.



Have a free afternoon to rest or wander up the hill to Braida and Clavais, a delightful village looking out over mountain peaks and the Val Pesarina. We can provide you with maps and information and transportation can also be arranged.

5.30 pm

LorenaJoin us for a cooking demonstration by Lorena Palmano in the dining room of the Albergo Diffuso in Comeglians.


7.00 pm

Informal Dinner at Albergo Diffuso in Comeglians with Chef Lorena

Monday “The wines of Collio”


Morning at leisure 

2.00 pm

After a free morning and lunch, we leave for a visit to the south eastern region of Friuli. We’ll stop at Cividale del Friuli, to see the extraordinary mediaeval square and have a short walk around.

Our final destination is the Collio wine region where we’ll see the process of wine production and try out ourwine tasting skills at Villa Russiz Vineyards.



The Collio wine region is a hilly area on the north-eastern tip of Friuli Venezia Giulia bordering on Slovenia and famous for its excellent wines, especially white wines. The combination of its terrain and climate produce the acclaimed Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Picolit and other wine using grapes indigenous to this area. This wine area is home to hundreds of small, family-run state-of-the-art wine producers, many of whom regularly win national and international awards every year.



8.00 pm

Three course dinner at “Osteria La Subida” in Cormòns, the main village in the Collio region.


La Subida is an 18th century bourgeois rural home transformed into a residence and restaurant, where the mixture of German and Slavic origins is apparent in the cuisine, accompanied, of course, by a vast selection of wine from the proprietor’s personal cantina, exclusively from local producers.

The Osteria is sister restaurant of La Subida Trattoria, voted amongst the best 101 places to eat in the world on Newsweek-August 2012.


Tuesday “Smoked prosciutto of Sauris” and the Malghe

                (Malghe are open only from mid June to mid Sept)


10.00 am

We leave for Sauris, a village of German origin. We’ll take a tour (by quad or jeep) up the mountain to the malghe that continue to produce cheese using traditional methods, where during lunch we can taste their products.

Sauris prosciutto

Sauris is also famous for its smoked pork products: prosciutto, speck, salami. In fact, with the chronic shortage of salt, smoking became the typical way of preserving pork. We’ll visit the local smoking houses and ham factory and the Zahre artisan beer factory. In Sauris we’ll see also the revival of traditional skills such as fabric weaving and wood carving.

Before leaving Sauris, we will drive to the hamlet of Lateis where we will pay a visit to the Schneider family’s Riglarhaus restaurant overlooking Lake Sauris.  Here, chef Paola Schneider interprets her mother Caterina’s recipes based on ancient local culinary traditions such as sauerkraut, cooked ricotta with polenta, crepes with wild mountain asparagus, wild herb soufflé, dishes with prosciutto of Sauris and other delights. For us she will prepare some tea and cakes based on the local wild fruit production.



NOTE: If you travel in spring or autumn, when the Malghe are closed, the programme includes a more relaxed visit in Sauris, a visit to the Prosciuttificio, a guided excursion in quad or jeep over the paths around Sauris and lunch at the Riglarhaus Restaurant with Chef Paola Schneider revealing her cooking secrets to you. This lunch will replace the lunch in the malga and the afternoon tea.

Return to Comeglians by latest 6.00pm

8.30 pm

Dinner prepared by with Chef Lorena Palmano in the Albergo Diffuso Dining Hall


Wednesday “Full day excursion with destination of your choice”




10.00 am

Today the minibus and driver will be at your disposal.

 Tre_cime_di_LavaredoCortina d'Ampezzo

There are many interesting destinations you can reach. We suggest a tour across the three borders of Italy, Austria and Slovenia, or maybe some shopping in the world-famous Town of Cortina, the queen of the Dolomites.

In order to leave you complete freedom to choose your time schedule, we have not organised any meals for today. If you however return before evening closure, we suggest the Pizzeria Tomasin in Comeglians.


Alternatively we can organise demonstrations of “Boiled wool” or “Hand Tufting” techniques with the local artisans in Comeglians.


Thursday “Carnic Arts and Traditions” and farewell dinner with famous Chef Cortiula at the Ethnographic Museum


Morning at leisure


3.00 pm

After a morning spent at leisure, we’ll visit in Villa Santina the traditional textile weaving factory “La Tessitura Carnica”, where they still use hand looms and use traditional designs to make exquisite linens in cotton, linen and wool.


We then leave for Tolmezzo, capital of Carnia.


In Tolmezzo where we’ll visit the Arts and Crafts Museum of Carnia with a local guide. After the museum you will enjoy some time at leisure to wonder through Tolmezzo’s historical centre and maybe do some shopping before returning to the Museum.

19.30 pm

We meet back at the Museum of Arts and Crafts where a wine expert will guide us through a wine tasting during the dinner prepared by Chef Daniele Cortiula, a famous local Chef who has won many Italian TV cooking competitions, by cleverly mixing the genuine ingredients you can find in Carnia. Despite the fame, he has remained loyal to his territory and we are very proud of him; he is very active in promoting the Carnic cuisine and it will be an honour for him to share with you some of his tips and recipes.




Friday  Departure  (unless you choose to extend one day in Venice)


08.30 am Departure for Venice.

Our driver will accompany you to Venice Airport.

The journey will take approximately 2 hours.

Good bye and see you soon!! –—–—–—–—–—


For those who would like to extend their stay in Venice

we can assist you with booking the Venice hotel and a personal guide who will show you the best locations.

Once at Venice Airport, you will be able to take a public transport/taxi motorboat to the hotel.

A local tourist guide will meet you at the hotel at 2.00pm and will guide you for half a day through San Marco Square, the Basilica, the Churches, the Palazzi, the narrow roads, the bridges, the museums and the squares of this beautiful city.

Lunch and dinner are at leisure.

We recommend that before going to sleep, you ask the concierge to book the airport taxi boat for tomorrow.

Overnight in a 3 star hotel

Saturday  (if you have chosen to extend one day in Venice)


Time at leisure until departure by taxi boat to the airport


Good bye and see you soon!! –—–—–—–—–—


Prices are available upon request for the following combinations:

– 6, 8, 15 participants

– including/excluding transportation

– including/excluding Venice

Contact us for more info.

Italy’s Collio wine route: top 10 guide

Italy’s Collio wine route: top 10 guide

Italy’s north-eastern Collio region offers a startling array of little-known wines, with small, friendly vineyards to visit and a selection of cosy places to eat and stay between gulps

 – The Guardian, Friday 3 May 2013

Collio vineyards

The vine-clad hills of Collio, northern Italy. All photographs by John Brunton

An hour’s drive north east from Venice, the rolling vine-clad hills of the Collio region boast an outstanding selection of white wines and some surprising reds too. These can be followed on a narrow, winding Strada del Vino that runs for 50km from Dolegna del Collio, past the regional “wine capital” of Cormòns, as far as San Floriano del Collio.

Winemakers are very happy to receive visitors, and many offer B&B accommodation too. The distinctive local cuisine is hearty mitteleuropean rather than classic Italian, and every month sees some kind of wine event. The great white wines here are malvasia, ribolla gialla, pinot bianco, friulano and sauvignon, but there are also interesting local reds such as refosco and pignolo, as well as the luscious dessert wine picolit.



Venica & Venica, Dolegna

Venica winery

It is easy to miss the sign for Venica & Venica’s cantina, down a tiny road surrounded by vineyards. This is one of the Collio’s classic family-run wineries, founded 80 years ago by Daniele Venica and run today by his grandsons Gianni and Giorgio. The brothers produce some outstanding whites – pinot bianco, malvasia and pinot grigio. Be sure to try their collio bianco, a top-end blended white. The cellar is always open for tastings (except Sundays), but call ahead and you can book a two-hour tour, with a detailed explanation of how the wines are made. There is a nominal charge of €8 for this, but for those who then buy wine – and most do – the fee is waived. Even better, stay in the sprawling B&B (doubles €100), which has a big pool and a tennis court.
• +39 0481 61264,

Paolo Caccese, Cormòns

Paolo Caccese, winemaker

You can’t miss Paolo Caccese’s cantina, sitting atop a vine-covered hill with, at the entrance, the three tall cypress trees that appear on his wine labels. He is a true eccentric who makes perfect, elegant wines on a small six-hectare estate. “I grow wonderful grapes here on a rich soil in an incredible position on the hillside,” he says. “So I just do the minimal in my cantina. The grapes are already perfect, and I prefer to let them create their own magic.” He makes a dozen wines, including oddities such as a fruity müller-thurgau, an aromatic traminer and a delicious passito, a late-harvest verduzzo, and a few reds; merlot and cabernet franc. Prices begin at €8.50 a bottle, and although Paolo is not an email person, he is always ready to let people taste his wines if they give him a call first on his mobile.
 +39 348 797 9773,

Franco Terpin, San Floriano del Collio

Franco Terpin, winemaker<br />

Franco Terpin describes himself as an artisan winemaker but he is also the guru of a band of increasingly vocal natural wine producers on both sides of the border. Their wines have none or very little sulphite and are macerated for a long period using only natural yeast. Terpin’s vintages spend one year ageing in oak barrels, one year in steel vats and then three years in the bottle before going on sale – heresy to most other winemakers. But Franco is open to discussion and tastings with enthusiasts who call to make an appointment. “Quite frankly,” he says, “natural wines are the only ones I drink now. I can’t stand a chardonnay with a banana aroma that is chemically induced.” His pinot grigio has an incredible colour, half pink, half orange, his 2006 sauvignon has none of the usual characteristics, and he has launched a very affordable range called Quinto Quarto, at €10 a bottle.
• +39 0481 884215,


Enoteca Regionale di Cormòns, Cormòns

Enoteca Cormons

Cormòns is the capital of the Collio region, and before deciding which winemaker to visit, stop off at this wine bar that represents 34 neighbouring producers. There are over 300 vintages in the cellar and almost all can be tried by the glass, from €1.60. Plates of affettati, from €8, include salami, cheeses, smoked trout and boiled ham with freshly grated horseradish. The place is always packed with local viticoltori trying each other’s wines.
• +39 0481 630371, enotecacormons.itclosed Tuesday

Osteria Cantiniere, Cormòns

Osteria Cantiniere, Italy

This rural osteria is owned by a cooperative, representing 150 winemakers. The quality may not be quite as high as at family-run vineyards, but the prices are very competitive with bottles from €4. This is a rendezvous for everyone in the Collio, from vineyard workers to estate owners, lawyers and industrialists. A small lunchtime menu changes daily, with everything freshly prepared, from spaghetti with sausages, pork knuckle and sauerkraut, or tender roast veal. Wine is €1 a glass, a plate of pasta €5, mains from €6.
• +39 0481 60579,, closed Tuesday

Osteria Koršic, San Floriano del Collio

Osteria Korsic, San Floriano del Collio

You’ll probably need a satnav to find this osteria just 100m from the border. It does not look much from outside, but this is a serious gourmet restaurant with a chic dining room and inventive menu by young chef Damjam. The biggest surprise though is the reasonable prices, with a four-course tasting menu at €25, featuring dishes such as traditiona lbiechi (hand-cut squares or triangles of pasta) with turnip greens, and smoked ricotta. The wine list is also impressive, with every producer from the neighbouring villages of San Floriano and Oslavia represented, from €12 a bottle. If Koršic is full, a fun nearby alternative is Agriturismo Stekar (Via Giasbana 25, +39 0481 391929), a pig farm and vineyard that doubles as a weekend restaurant, serving home-cured salami, pumpkin and wild mushroom orzotto and gallo in umido, a rich capon stew.
• +39 0481 84248,


Borgo San Daniele

Borgo San Daniele, Collio

Brother and sister Mauro and Alessandra Mauri make some of the most elegant Collio vintages, and their three guest rooms have designer decor, modern art and subtle avant-garde lighting. There’s a pool, a luxuriant garden and a grand salon where everyone sits in the evening tasting the award-winning wines. Jiasik, a surprising mix of riesling and malvasia grapes, ia very well-priced at €10. They also host poetry readings, art exhibitions and concerts.
• +39 0481 60552,, double with breakfast €85, free bikes

Azienda Agricola Picech


After young winemaker Roberto Picech built a new farmhouse and state-of-the-art cantina, he and his wife started last year to rent out three rooms. The decor is rustic, and each room has a to-die-for terrace overlooking rolling vineyards. Breakfast is served in the kitchen at a long wooden table, where evening wine tastings are also held, and guests really feel part of this friendly young family. The wines are good value at €11 a bottle, including an especially potent malvasia.
 +39 0481 60347,, double with breakfast €80, free bikes


La Subida, Cormòns

Josko Sirk, owner of La Subida, Collio

Josko Sirk is probably the best-known personality in the Collio who does not make wine. The son of refugees from Yugoslavia, he transformed La Subida, his father’s homely osteria, into an elegant Michelin-starred restaurant with a brilliant wine list. His designer wooden chalets in the surrounding woods are the most original place to stay in the Collio. But his real passion, il mio hobby, as he says, is vinegar. He uses his own ribolla gialla grapes to make a deeply flavourful aceto aged in oak barrels. A half-litre bottle costs €15 and there is a spray for €7, perfect for spicing up dinner parties.
• +39 0481 60531,, chalets from €90 a night

Azienda Agricola Zoff, Borgnano

Cheese at the Zoff dairy farm

Part of the fun of tasting wines in the Collio is that the viticoltore invariably offers a tempting plate of local ham and cheeses to accompany the wines. Everybody urges you to try the D’Osvaldo family’s famous prosciutto crudo, smoked in cherry wood and laurel (, and the formaggi made at Giuseppe Zoff’s farm, where there’s a farm shop selling freshly made ricotta and yoghurt, tangy aged latteria cheese, and caciotta flavoured with wild herbs and flowers. There’s also a five-room B&B with “natural breakfasts” made with farm products.
• +39 0481 67204,

EasyJet flies to Venice and Ryanair flies to Trieste and Treviso from several UK aiports.


Contact us for more info on the region and bokings



Fine Wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia …

See on Scoop.itFriuli in Vacanza – Destination Friuli

London, Monday 22nd October, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at the stunning Institute of Directors in London:  DISCOVER ITALY’S MOST FAMOUS WHITE WINE REGION!!   The Friuli Venezia Giulia region offers wines of outstanding finesse and quality and produces some fascinating local grape varieties.

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La Subida, Cormons, Friuli amongst the best 101 restaurants in the world

La Subida » La Subida fra i 101 migliori ristoranti al mondo.

La Subida : among the 101 best places to eat in the world!!

Wine adventures

See on Scoop.itDolomiti in vacanza – Dolomites on holiday

For your wine holidays in the North Eastern Region of Italy….  contact us. You could be pleasantly surprised, like Alex was 🙂

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Votre excursion dans le Frioul !

Blog de Miss Vicky Wine: Une excursion dans le Frioul!

En arrivant à l’aéroport de Venise, on imagine voir des canaux par le hublot ou trouver une calèche qui vous amènerait directement sur une gondole. Ce n’est pas tout à fait comme ça… et ce n’est pas grave. Venise apparaît comme un camp retranché bordé d’incroyables univers. Au Nord-Est par exemple, c’est le Frioul où vignobles, mer et montagnes s’entremêlent.

Le Frioul c’est au centre de l’Europe, entre la Slovénie et l’Autriche, la diversité des vins reflètent bien la richesse du territoire aux multiples paysages. J’ai eu la chance d’en explorer une toute petite partie, vers San Daniele, là où on fait du Prosciutto du même nom.

Alors voilà, malgré la grande dégustation de Friulano & Friends, j’aurai voulu encore plus de temps pour profiter de chaque verre et de chaque rose comme un vacancier bien préparé. Un peu frustrée, j’ai ressorti mes cartes et brochures et voilà ce que je vous ai concocté.


Si le vin « Friulano » est le plus connu, on retrouve une dizaine de variétés de raisin en rouge, pareil en blanc pour donner naissance à des vins de types totalement différents à accorder à chaque moment, en voici quelques exemples sur la route !

  •  10 étapes, 8 jours, 600 kilomètres.
  • Niveau : facile.
  • Prix du carburant : 100 euros

Agrandir le plan

JOUR #1 

Si vous arrivez à Venise le matin, prenez la direction du nord, passez par Pordenoneprendre un café sur la place puis perdez vous entre les églises romanes, les palais du XVI et toutes ces façades gothiques et baroques. 

Avant de n’avoir trop faim, rejoignez les bord du lac de Tramonti à 25 minutes de là, au pied des montagnes, restez subjugué mais n’oubliez pas de commander un verre de Friulano : un vin blanc joyeux, frais et léger – facile à accorder. Les frioulans aiment le partager avec leProsciutto de San Daniele qui fait la fierté de la région. Ne bougez plus, vous êtes parfaits pour vous dorer la pilule.

Déjeunez, faites la sieste au bord du lac, Demain c’est la grande randonnée ! Il vous faudra rejoindre Poffabro dans la soirée. C’est là que se trouve votre auberge et le coucher du soleil. Commandez un verre de Terrano (rouge) pour accompagner vos saucisses Cragno…Dures les vacances !


Arrivez à Forni di Sopra dans la matinée, une ville qu’on dit romantique, au pied des dolomites. Si vous êtes venus sans les enfants, il faudra quand même vous lever pour profiter de la fraîcheur du matin. Et quoi de plus beau que cette ville blottie au pied des montagnes ? Choisissez votre randonnée pour mieux la voir d’en haut. Au sommet, n’oubliez pas de recharger les batteries avec une verre de vin rouge, le Pignolo 2002…Accordez-le de viande grillée et profitez de cette gorgée de fruits rouges et de cerises noires et d’épices pour vous revigorer.

Il existe aussi des vins blancs plus enveloppants d’une couleur bien dorée avec une pointe de fruits exotiques, une botte d’herbes fraîches, pensez même à de l’ananas et parfois de la poire, vous venez de déguster un Malvasia Istriana. Leurs arômes crient au fond du verre, ils ont du caractère ! Pensez-y après votre longue randonnée dans les alentours de Forni di Sopra.

Sucré vous trouvez les Ramandolo qui naît dans les montagnes. Ils sont riches, avec des arômes d’abricots et de fruits blancs très mûrs  de châtaigne, un vin de feu de camp ! Revitalisant !


Redescendez dans la vallée, à San Daniele del Friuli, terre du Prosciutto. Là, à moins que vous ayez l’esprit scientifique, je vous déconseille d’aller visiter une usine de jambon, une expérience qui vous plonge dans un frigo aseptisé alors que vous êtes venu humer les odeurs de jambon chauffé au soleil.

Dormez à San Daniele pour pouvoir profiter pleinement de la fête du Prosciutto ou des nombreux petits restaurants du centre historique ou Préférez faire un tour dans unAgroturismo, un gîte chez un producteur multifonctions qui fait du vin, produit son jambon, fait pousser ses fruits et vous proposera même l’auberge pour la nuit. Une expérience authentique ! Vous pourriez choisir un Chardonnay mais le jambon étant assez salé je vous conseille un vin bien gouleyant, Friulano, Pino Grigio, Pino Bianco par exemple.

Magda LeVinParfait chez Pitarssan daniele


Rejoignez Udine dans la matinée et profitez de son architecture. Après une marche dans ses ruelles, attablez vous à l’un des bistrots convivial pour un apéro, un Ribolla jeune, délicat et floral par exemple avec une planche de fromages locaux. Passez par le palais Patriarcal et rejoignez Gorizia à 40 kilomètres de là.

Gorizia, votre fils devrait aimer son château digne des plus grands contes ! Pour le dîner pensez aux gnocchis, spécialité locale ou le Kaiserfeisch et un verre de Schioppettino pour une grosse faim. Dormez sur vos deux oreilles.


Vous avez une heure de route jusqu’à Muggia, la pointe sud-est du Frioul… l’air marin par la fenêtre ouverte vous donne des ailes, augmentez le son du transistor ! Là une ville istrienne, une ville romaine antique aux façades colorées. Voilà un petit port vraiment mignon où vous pensez déjà savourer quelques fruits de mer accompagnés d’un Vitovska (blanc), frais et vif. Airez, admirez la baie, quelle belle journée !

La fin des vacances arrive, demain vous serez à Grado.


Longez la baie jusqu’à Grado, vos enfants à l’arrière connaissent votre disque préféré par cœur, souvenir pour la vie. Par contre, votre mec chante faux, heureusement qu’il n’y avait que 70 kilomètres ;-).

La presqu’île de Grado, sur le sable doré, doigts de pieds en éventail. Si vous n’avez pas assez bourlingué ces derniers jours vous pourrez faire un tour en vélo, c’est plat ;-), sinon contentez vous des horizons bleus. Dernier jour de vacances, encore quelques heures pour rêvasser.

Sabrez vos vacances au Prosecco qui fait également l’unanimité dans le Frioul (le droit d’utiliser son appellation a été voté en 2010). Pour plonger un peu plus dans le terroir essayer le Ribolla Gialla qui existe en effervescent – simple mais rafraîchissant !

Rejoignez l’aéroport de Venise, ne sanglotez pas, on reviendra.

Un Frioul pour tous, tous au FrioulBonnes Vacances !

Le parcours et les accords mets et vin sont pure imagination, si vous avez l’occasion de partir sur cette excursion, n’hésitez pas à me raconter votre périple !

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